New Training Location Help

Location Name
Enter the Training Location name as you want it to appear.

Location Description
The Location Description has two tabs near the top right of the box. Usually you want the “Visual” tab to be selected. The “Text” tab is used when you want to see all the formatting codes.
The button bar at the top of the description box has a variety of functions, with the name/description being displayed when you hover your mouse over them.

If you’re copying from Word or another application that includes formatting codes, your text may look odd or just different from all the other text on the website. You can remove the formatting by highlighting the text with your mouse or by clicking in the box and pressing CTRL-A then clicking the  Clear Formatting Button.

Location Image
The location image is optional.

Map Address
This address field is specifically for the location marker placement on the map and may not have suite or room numbers, etc.

Street Address
This address may include information that cannot be included in the map marker address field like suite, room number, etc. Just include the street address without the city.

The city field is used along with the title of any training.

The phone number for the location. This is optional

Web Site Address
This should be a fully qualified URL including the “http://”