Training Online

Online Training

We are proud to announce that we have prepaid for Health & Safety courses covering:

  • Contractor Health & Safety (CCOHS)
  • Electrical Hazards (CCOHS)
  • Emergency Preparedness for Workers (CCOHS)
  • Health & Safety Committees (CCOHS)
  • Ladder Safety (CCOHS)
  • Lockout (CCOHS)
  • Office Ergonomics (CCOHS)
  • Office Healthy and Safety (CCOHS)
  • Pandemic Planning (CCOHS)
  • Preventing Falls from Slips and Trips (CCOHS)
  • Preventing Hearing Loss from Workplace Noise (CCOHS)
  • Return to Work: The Basics (CCOHS)
  • WHMIS for Workers (CCOHS)
  • Young Workers Safety Orientation (VUBIZ)

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