Low and High Voltage Certification

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Low and High Voltage Certification (Terrace)

Local 993
Sat Mar 2, 2024 to Sun Mar 3, 2024
08:30 am
Signup Deadline: Thu Feb 29, 2024 8:00 am
Class Size – Min: 5, Max: 10
Terrace Center of Excellence (Terrace)

Day 1:


Based on the CSA Z462-21 Standard and Canadian OH&S regulations 

Class Overview 

Our low voltage qualified course focuses on electrical safety training for employees who work on 600V and below. This CSA Z462-21 based course goes beyond the theoretical to provide attendees with the understanding of the rules and regulations relating to electrical and arc flash safety and how to apply them in real-world situations. 

Based on the CSA Z462-21, this course helps you and your employees stay compliant with the authority having Jurisdiction (provincial OH&S/ WorkSafe) and provides updates from the 2018 CSA Z462 to the 2021 version. 

Course content 

Attendees of our Low Voltage training class will learn the following information: 

  • Practical compliance with CSA Z462-21 electrical safety in the workplace 
  • How to do table-based hazard assessments using CSA Z462-21 
  • How to choose Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) based on the CSA Z462-21 tables. 
  • Differences between the CEC, CAN/UL S801, CSA Z462-21, Federal OH&S & Provincial OH&S standards 
  • PPE do’s and don’ts for workers exposed to shock and electric arc hazards 
  • Standards to use in clothing and PPE selection. 
  • Explanations of arc ratings ATPV and EBT, and how they apply 
  • The ins and outs of flame resistant (FR), arc-rated (AR) clothing and other shock and arc PPE 

Who Should Attend? 

Our CSA Z462-21 based Low Voltage training course is recommended for the following personnel: 

  • Safety directors 
  • Electrical contractors 
  • Maintenance electricians 
  • Linemen 
  • Owners and managers 

Day 2:


Based on CSA Z462-21 Standards & the Canadian OH&S regulations 

Class Overview 

Working on up to 1000V to 46 kV industrial high voltage distribution systems requires qualification. In this training, attendees learn what it means to be HV qualified and what electrical tasks may only be performed by a qualified person. 

Prerequisites: Low Voltage Qualified Training (Day 1) 

What You’ll Learn 

In this High Voltage Training class, you will learn the following: 

  • Regulations related to being HV Qualified and working safely, including CSA Z462-2021 
  • Safe practices working on or near energized equipment. 
  • Live line work, tools, and equipment 
  • Mobile equipment and electrical hazards 
  • De-energized testing 
  • Creating a safe work zone (tape in/tape out) 
  • Public safety (limited approach) boundaries 
  • Minimum approach distance 
  • When is it live-line work 
  • What tasks do not require a live-line permit 
  • Testing and verifying equipment is de-energized. 
  • Why you must ground. 
  • Field testing requirements 
  • Demonstrate your proficiency of HV skills for our engineer/lineman 

Who Should Attend? 

Our high voltage electrical safety class is designed for the following personnel: 

  • Safety engineers 
  • Supervisors 
  • Electricians 
  • Electrical engineers 


Location: Terrace Center of Excellence