Training Types

Boom Truck “B” Certification Prep Course (Kamloops) (OLD- DO NOT USE)


The following is a rough outline of the above noted program.
➢ DAY ONE: advanced rigging
➢ DAY TWO: advanced rigging
➢ DAY THREE: “B” Level as per BCACS
➢ DAY FOUR: truck and crane set-up (practical)
electronic truck logbooks (June 12, 2021)
electronic BCACS logbooks
➢ DAY FIVE: crane practical (lifting and placement of loads)
The program has built in flexibility to ensure pre-trip inspections (including air brakes) to ICBC standards are covered, familiarity with the crane and crane carrier (truck) are also covered.

  • The abilities of the students (possession minimum of a Class 3 with air) will impact the delivery timeframe of the program.
  • The rigging and load availability will also influence the flow of the program.

This is an outline only and may be changed at any time during a program to meet student and/or IBEW requirements.