New Course (Admin)

Create a new Training Course

Training Locals
Click the check boxes for each local that the training is available to.

Training Course Name
Enter the Training Course Name as you want it to appear.

Training Course Description
The Training Course Description has two tabs near the top right of the box. Usually you want the “Visual” tab to be selected. The “Text” tab is used when you want to see all the formatting codes.
The button bar at the top of the description box has a variety of functions, with the name/description being displayed when you hover your mouse over them.

Featured Image
The featured image is completely optional. If you want to include an image that will be displayed along with your course listing, click the “Choose File” button and upload your image.

The only field that is absolutely required is the Start Date. If you’re creating a one day course, you do not need to enter anything for the end date. The start and end time fields can be anything you want, like “5:00 pm” or “When the sun goes down”.

Minimum Participants
If there is a minimum number of participants for this course to be held.

Maximum Participants
The maximum number of participants allowable for this course

Allow Signups
If you check this box, members will be able to register for this course online via this listing.

If the course is cancelled and you want the listing to remain being displayed.

Show Training Location
If there is no location for this course (ie Online) then leave this box unchecked. When you check this box, additional location details will be displayed.

If the location is available on the drop down list, you can select it and all the details will be automatically added.