Electrical Contractors Association of B.C.

Electrical Contractors Association of BC (ECABC) was founded in 1952, when electrical contractors decided that a strong central voice was needed to speak on their behalf. Then as now, ECABC is the only Association in British Columbia dedicated to the interests of electrical contractors and their suppliers.

Our membership consists of IBEW and Non-IBEW members, manufacturers and distributors. We have 3 Chapters: Interior BC, (Prince George), Vancouver and Vancouver Island.

ECABC is a member of the Canadian Electrical Contractors Association (CECA) giving us a national voice. As a member contractor, you have an opportunity to express your opinions and concerns on any issue affecting the electrical industry.

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International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Electrical Videos

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (International)

The IBEW represents approximately 750,000 active members and retirees who work in a wide variety of fields, including utilities, construction, telecommunications, broadcasting, manufacturing, railroads and government. The IBEW has members in both the United States and Canada and stands out among the American unions in the AFL-CIO because it is among the largest and has members in so many skilled occupations.

As union members, we bargain collectively with our employers over wages, benefits, and rights.

Most of us have very limited bargaining power as one person, but as a group, we are strong. And, with a good negotiated contract, we have legal protections we would not have otherwise.

IBEW Hour Power

IBEW Hour Power is an online video resource highlighting the construction work of IBEW union electricians from the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers. Working together with the IBEW and their partners at NECA, we showcase the best electrical work in the United States and Canada.

IBEW Local 1003 Kootenays

Members of IBEW Local 1003 have constructed electrical installations ranging from the Hydro-electric dams on the Kootenay, Columbia and Pend’Orielle rivers to the Elk valley’s coal mines. Primarily an industrial local, we have also built many of the institutional and commercial projects throughout the Kootenay Region, and are also active in residential construction.

IBEW Local 230

Members of IBEW Local 230 perform work throughout Vancouver Island and all of the offshore islands lying west of the main northbound navigation channel between Vancouver Island and the Mainland, save and except employees of the British Columbia Hydro Power Authority.

IBEW Local 993

IBEW Local 993 represents the unionized electrical workers in Northern British Columbia and Yukon. From small local shops to massive mega-projects, IBEW Local 993 performs work in the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.