Arc Flash (ONLINE)

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Arc Flash

Local 230, 993, 1003
Sat May 30, 2020
8:45 AM to 5:00 PM
Class Size – Min: 5, Max: 15

Arc Flash – ONLINE

This one-day arc flash training course is designed to assist electricians to identify shock and arc flash hazards and prevents injuries and incidents associated with those hazards.

This ONLINE course will take place on the ‘Zoom’ web conferencing platform–a microphone and webcam will improve your experience but are not required to participate. The headphones that come with cellphones work well. The link to access the course will be emailed approximately one week before the course.


Identify electrical safety training requirements for qualified workers
Identify best practice Regulations that address shock and arc flash hazards
List the steps to perform a shock hazard analysis and describe each step
Define the shock protection boundaries and describe their use
List the personal protective equipment required for shock protection
List the steps to achieve an electrically safe work condition
Explain what an arc flash is and the injuries that can result
Identify when an arc flash hazard exists
List the steps to perform an arc flash hazard analysis and describe each step
Define the term “incident energy,” identify the key electrical system variables that affect it
Define the term “arc flash protection boundary” and explain its application
Define the term “arc-rated” and explain the difference between “flame-resistant” clothing and “arc rated” clothing
Select appropriate personal protective equipment for arc flash hazards
Describe methods of selecting arc flash PPE using the new 2015 Tables.
List the testing and maintenance requirements for personal protective equipment
Identify the key objectives of job safety planning

Additional Requirements: Computer or Mobile Device, Reliable Internet Connection (hardwired preferred), Link to access the course (we be emailed one week before).