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Local 993
Mon May 2, 2016
Class Size – Min: 10, Max: 15
IBEW Local 993 Hall (Kamloops)

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This course is in a blended learning format and the start date is the date in which we will reach out to our members who have signed regarding getting course information and materials to them.  Please do not show up at our hall on the start date.  If a member signs up for this course they must complete it or pay for their course cost and for any course materials.

This course will be reserved for journeymen or late term apprentices only at this time unless otherwise preapproved by the Business Manager or the Training Coordinator.

Course Description:

Building Automation 1: Control Devices and Applications Level I explains how building systems, such as HVAC, lighting, and electrical systems, can communicate information through a network of intelligent control devices. Emphasis is placed on these control devices and how they work together in common automation scenarios. Topics covered include the operation, signal types, and functions of the sensors, actuators, and other control equipment used in automated systems in commercial buildings. The course is organized by building system, and the operation of each system is explained to clarify the function and application of each control device.

Building Automation: Control Devices and Applications is a comprehensive foundation for the integration of commercial building systems for automated operation, including HVAC, lighting, and security systems.  This course focuses on the devices that monitor and control the building systems and on the common applications that use these devices to achieve automation goals.

Location: IBEW Local 993 Hall

The IBEW Local 993 Hall has a large fenced yard around the back of the building.