Frontline Foreman Training

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Front Line Leadership 1

Local 230
Sat Feb 23, 2019 to Sun Feb 24, 2019
8:30am to 4:00pm
Class Size – Min: , Max: 16
IBEW Nanaimo Office

477 Wallace Street V9R 5B7

  • It is well recognized that the majority of problems for a leader usually do not stem from their lack of technical skills and experience as electricians. Most IBEW chargehands are very competent journey electricians who possess excellent skills when it comes to process and managing a project. The simple reality is that the majority of problems for chargehands stem from their lack of “soft skills”, that is, their ability to deal with conflict, hold their crew members accountable, earn respect, build trust, team build, coach, communicate effectively and when necessary how to change the behaviour of specific crew members when there is a performance issue.
  • The Gold Seal Accredited Frontline Leadership Level 1 training course is specifically designed for chargehands who want to develop their leadership soft skills as they know full well that this is where the majority of issues like safety concerns, conflict, ongoing grievances, poor productivity, cost overruns, time issues and stress can originate from. The two days are highly interactive with plenty of opportunities for IBEW participants to use “real work situations” that they are currently experiencing to help reinforce key learnings.

Priority will be given to registrants in supervisory roles. Although high term apprentices are welcome to attend (space permitting), they may be bumped for those to whom the course objectives have immediate relevancy.