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Local 993
Tue Feb 16, 2016
0830 to 1600
Class Size – Min: 10, Max: 20
IBEW Local 993 Hall (Kamloops)

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The Front Line Leadership level 2 is designed for members who have attended FLL 1 and feel they are ready to become leaders on the job.  This course is designed specifically for being a foreman at jobs in IBEW LU 993 jurisdiction. These potential leaders will be introduced to the information that a foreman must acquire from signatory contractors and present to their crews and enforce them professionally.  It will introduce areas for research so they can effectively include Work Safe regulations, Canadian Labour laws, Site Specific Policies, and Collective Agreements into the safe work plans they are expected to create.  It will also cover the implementation of the progressive discipline model and why it exists to benefit you as a leader and the members of your crew.  It will clarify the responsibilities and expectation of a foreman to train, educate, and provide solutions respectfully before disciplinary actions are required.

Location: IBEW Local 993 Hall

The IBEW Local 993 Hall has a large fenced yard around the back of the building.