HV Splicing

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HV Splicing

Local 230
Sun Nov 24, 2019
0830 to 4:00pm
Class Size – Min: , Max: 12
Sheetmetal 276 Hall

791 Goldstream Ave #302, Victoria, BC V9B 2X5

Cable Splicing and Termination 

  • Types of cable
  • Shrink Technologies. Heat Shrink versus Cold Shrink
  • Material Technology
  • Human Factors in Splicing
  • Lab preparing and splicing cable
  • Lab preparing and terminating cable

Participants will perform two cable preparations each; one using no special tools, the other using Speed Systems Cable tools.

Tools required for course: Pen, good needle nose pliers, sharp razor knife, measuring tape, side cutters, felt pen or paint marker, thin gloves.