Interprovincial Test Prep Course

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Interprovincial Test Prep Course (The Internet)

Local 993
Mon Feb 28, 2022 to Sat Mar 12, 2022
6 PM to 8 PM
Signup Deadline: Fri Feb 25, 2022 8:00 am
Class Size – Min: 5, Max: 8
GoToTraining (The Internet)

This course of a review of all four years apprenticeship training, also a series of practice test that  both refresh your knowledge in the electrical trade  and introduce new techniques in successful test writing.


14 hours online interactive with the instructor from  6pm to 8pm , 2 hours a night every second day. 2 hours or more of homework on off days. Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday, week Number one. Tuesday Thursday Saturday week Number two. Times may vary based on students’ schedules all sessions will be recorded.



About inter provincial preparation course

  • Introduction into the Canadian electrical code
  • Definitions and Descriptions
  • Current calculations

Construction electrician review

  • Common occupational skills
  • Power and distribution and generating systems
  • Installation of electrical equipment
  • Emergency and standby systems
  • Communication systems
  • Process control systems
  • Building an environmental control systems








Upon successful completion of this online course, a certificate of completion will be Emailed  to student to  download and print.

Location: GoToTraining

This course will be presented using the GoToTraining software. You will need a computer with a high speed internet connection and the ability to install the free GoToTraining software.

When you have been accepted into the course, you will be given a link to download the training software.