Shop Steward

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Shop Steward (Terrace)

Local 993
Wed Nov 24, 2021 to Thu Nov 25, 2021
08:30 am
Class Size – Min: 5, Max: 9
Terrace Center of Excellence (Terrace)

This course is offered for construction and professional/industrial stewards. This course is designed to provide stewards with essential knowledge, skills and tools that they need to fulfill their many duties. Topics include roles and responsibilities, legal rights and obligations, understanding the contract, and the grievance procedure.

Advanced Steward Training:

These courses are offered for construction and professional/industrial stewards. Stewards will learn about their roles, legal rights, workplace harassment, and grievance handling. The advanced session includes conflict resolution, effective communication, and skill building through a mock grievance meeting so attendees can practice what they’ve learned.

Location: Terrace Center of Excellence