WJETS Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I request a training that isn’t listed on the Training Request form?

On the Training Request form, there’s a drop down list with many training courses listed. If you choose “Other” from the list, a box will appear allowing you to describe the course you want to take. Please make sure that the course is related to the electrical trade and that you only list one course.

Training Requests
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How do I request a training that isn’t currently offered on the Upcoming Courses list?

On the main site menu under “Training”, you will find a link for “Training Request”.

Once you’ve filled all of the fields on the page, click the “Submit” button.

This will send an email to the appropriate Training Coordinator for your local.

You will also see all outstanding training requests that you’ve submitted on your Member Profile page. Please note that once a training request has been dealt with by the Training Coordinator it may be marked as complete and will no longer be displayed on your Member Profile Page.

The Member Profile Page is the first thing you see when you login to the Western Jets website. You can also get there by selecting “Your Profile” which is under “Member” on the main site menu.

Training Requests
Link to individual FAQ


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