Boom Truck “B” Certification 1 week Prep Course

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This Course Has Already Taken Place

Boom Truck “B” Certification 1 week Prep Course (Kamloops)

Local 993
Mon Jul 5, 2021 to Fri Jul 9, 2021
08:30 am
Class Size – Min: 5, Max: 7
IBEW Local 993 Hall (Kamloops)


The following is a rough outline of the above noted program.
➢ DAY ONE: advanced rigging
➢ DAY TWO: advanced rigging
➢ DAY THREE: “B” Level as per BCACS
➢ DAY FOUR: truck and crane set-up (practical)
▪ electronic truck logbooks (June 12, 2021)
▪ electronic BCACS logbooks
➢ DAY FIVE: crane practical (lifting and placement of loads)
The program has built in flexibility to ensure pre-trip inspections (including air brakes) to ICBC standards are covered, familiarity with the crane and crane carrier (truck) are also covered.
The abilities of the students (possession minimum of a Class 3 with air) will impact the delivery timeframe of the program.
The rigging and load availability will also influence the flow of the program.

This is an outline only and maybe changed at any time during a program to meet student and/or IBEW requirements.

Location: IBEW Local 993 Hall

The IBEW Local 993 Hall has a large fenced yard around the back of the building.