Boom Truck Training for Members to get both “B” and “A’ Certifications

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Boom Truck Training for Members to get both “B” and “A’ Certifications (Kamloops)

Local 993
Fri Sep 9, 2022 to Sun Sep 11, 2022
08:30 am
Signup Deadline: Tue Sep 6, 2022 8:00 am
Class Size – Min: 5, Max: 10
IBEW Local 993 Hall (Kamloops)

–  Pre trip  / load charts/paper work/ hand signals /identify  parts of truck and what to look for on the pre trip


–  Driving on different sites /loa for substations /grounding truck and why in substations


–  Set up truck , levelling truck and why. different ways for picking loads/ placing loads on ground or truck


–  Operating methods( short or long stick differences and why and when to use them)


-operator responsibility and working with crews( on ground and in the air) Where spotters and signal person and using multiple signal people


–  Practice moving boom using controls , how to use multiple controls at the same time


– different ways of moving loads with different controls


–  packing up truck to make it safe to move with or without a load


-General safety on and around the lifting area


– Prepping for “A” level test

Hand signals

Load chart

Setup truck

Moving boom and ball smoothly to the different targets with and with out load for test


I would like to see 2-4 guys in the course  ,2 working on and around the truck (operating /signal person )

2 working on load charts/ hand signals and rotate the people to different positions  all day long,all working together. It is hard to say how long it’s going to take, but roughly to train anyone , I am thinking about 10-16 hours per person operating the truck should give us a good idea if they will be ready for the A test. some will be less ,some more.


Location: IBEW Local 993 Hall

The IBEW Local 993 Hall has a large fenced yard around the back of the building.