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This Course Has Already Taken Place

The IBEW Lu 993 We Take Care of Our Own Mentorship Training Course (Kamloops)

Local 993
Sat Mar 14, 2020
08:30 am
Class Size – Min: 6, Max: 15
IBEW Local 993 Hall (Kamloops)

Training Objective:

Ongoing training plays a key role in ensuring IBEW Local 993 members continue to be sought out by employers for their highly developed skills and excellent onsite work practices. Developing a Mentorship Training course is just another step in IBEW Lu 993 commitment to ensuring it members receive the necessary training and resources to ensure they have the skills and a foundation in understanding what is required to maintain ongoing excellence, integrity and professionalism in the workplace.


The IBEW Lu 993 We Take Care of Our Own Mentorship training course for Journeymen will be intended to help improve the skills and knowledge of IBEW Lu 993  apprentices on a work site so they are more able to effectively contribute to a project’s success, which in turn has positive impact on Lu 993. Key to all of this is ensuring that IBEW Journeymen have the right mentoring skills to ensure a successful mentor-mentee relationship.


Training will play an important role in this relationship. The key benefits associated with this training course will arise from improvements in areas such as safety, teamwork, quantity and quality of work, attendance and turnover, scheduling, reduced rework, and usage of tools, equipment and materials. It will also have positive impact on IBEW Lu 993’s ability to attract new members by ensuring that they have every chance to succeed in their career.

Location: IBEW Local 993 Hall

The IBEW Local 993 Hall has a large fenced yard around the back of the building.